About Chocolate

Chocolate has always been known to be good for one’s health.

Looking back through the pages of history, we can see that  even thousands of years before the rise of Aztec civilization, the Olmec Indians of South and Central America used the fruit of the cacao tree as a tonic. It was much later on, that Aztecs created a fermented drink of capsicum peppers and cacao beans.

Probably around 1508 Montezuma, the then Aztec ruler, popularized chocolate by making this declaration.

“The divine drink [chocolatl], which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink permits a man to walk for a whole day without food.”

About ChocolateSo, even if it’s taken a few millennia, it was inevitable that modern science would one day substantiate what has long been known about chocolate….that good chocolate, is good for you.

The key is that it must be good quality chocolate, not just taste good.  The health benefits come from the pure cocoa & cocoa butter.  Many times in an effort to reduce cost, chocolate manufacturers use tropical oils & inferior ingredients.  So read your labels!

Here at Alethea’s, our standards are uncompromising. We spare no expense, to bring you the highest quality chocolates, made from the purest ingredients.

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