The Shop

Come see our vintage style Chocolate Shop, and let it take you back to an era when life was simpler & the pace was slower.  Taste old fashioned confections, & some of our newest creations, all made the old fashioned way, with pure cocoa butter, cream, & other natural, premium ingredients.

You’ll also want to check out, our old fashioned Ice Cream Parlor & Dessert Cafe, where we serve homemade Chocolate Sauce, Marshmallow, Hot Fudge Truffle Sauce, Hot Butterscotch Sauce & and many other Alethea exclusives. It will remind you of a soda fountain from years gone by.  As a recent visitor said, “ “I haven’t had a Chocolate Soda that tasted like this, since I was in my 20’s” ….. She’s 96 yrs. old.

Now, continue your Visit by checking out “the Factory”, to see how some of our decadent confections are made, or Visit the Grounds. to see Alethea’s beautiful setting.