The Factory

The Chocolate Factory is right on premise, so it is literally just steps from where our chocolates are made to the Chocolate Shop, where you can taste and purchase them. We couldn’t have achieved the quality we have, if the factory was not under our constant,  personal supervision.

Every day our Chocolatier is busy making customer favorites, like our renowned Sponge Candy, or creating a brand new confection, like our spicy Ginger Truffle.  Then, we only have to wait until the product cools to the right temperature, before taking it up front to our display cases.

One taste of our freshly made, gourmet chocolates, will show you the difference that freshness makes.  We believe you will never find fresher chocolates, and  that’s why we offer our freshness guarantee.

Be sure to check out “the Shop” & “the Grounds”  to find out more about how unique Alethea’s is.