Alethea’s Chocolate Sampler (Holiday)


Did you know that part of what makes Alethea’s confections so amazing, is the superior quality of our Chocolate, which is made with pure cocoa butter. Our creamy Milk Chocolate has lovely, subtle caramel undertones. Our dark chocolate, made without milk, higher cocoa content, and less sugar, is rich and satisfying. We call our “white ” chocolate, Ivory, because it too, is a pure cocoa butter confection, with no added tropical oils and has a wonderful flavor & feel in the mouth. Then there is our Bittersweet, made with even higher cocoa content than our dark, and with less sugar. If you love cocoa, you will love this chocolate! Our Sampler contains rough cut chunks.  Savor the subtle, complex flavors of each one.  You’ll find yourself coming back for more.


Perfect gift to pair with wine, for a wine and chocolate tasting party!

Additional information

Weight32 oz
Dimensions8 × 3 × 4 in